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Hoses and Sheaths

Hoses and Sheaths

Active filters

Spiral necklace 212 120-125mm

Cable protection WP0A-00-DM030-LN1200-GGH Ø30 x 1200mm

Steel tube Lg 600mm G3/8 for blowgun

Rough stainless steel DN8 LG1200 MG1 / 4 conical

Shock absorber grease hose take out lg800mm

Compression hose - outer diameter 1'1 / 2 MG3 / 4 -

  length 1400mm FC 107-20

Silicone fiberglass sheath GT1 diam 15 Brown treated (/ m)

P2 1000 GF DN100 in PVC coated glass fabric P2 Pipe 1000 GF M1 CLASS at fire

In length of 10m

Stainless steel vacuum hose finisher, length equipped DN25 LG1300

Stainless steel hose for air / water spray DN8 LG1000 NPT M1 / 4

Flexible DN12 720mm for electric cables passage with fittings Color Blue with washer and nut


Flexible standard banana chute according to model 1/2 LG1600 equipped