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Active filters

Tube with Insert and Closure Plate and 21 Holder for William Peels Stacker Bar

Stainless steel braid 25mm x 2mm

Braided bottom for wheel SHEPPEE HST 6000 Ref HST 079

Block arching Substitution triangles carbon 45-41,5-45 ø

Plate for push hands according to plan N ø 271-17-44-108

Graphite finger K-Karb 18.56x41

Graphite CF C1501 G

Eph 6.35 (-0.35, +0.2)


Hand Finger L21 with stainless steel braid 6x8

8 Axis for Stacker Bar

Stainless steel strip 10x10mm

Braided finger for wheel SHEPPEE HST 6000 Ref HST 117-03

Triangle monobloc sheet 2mm 2 PGC 6-10mm

Triple cell with braided coating 3mm