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Electrical components

Electrical components

Active filters

Glass container counting system including :

- electronic card with touch screen

- aluminium infra-red cell with 4m cable

Solenoid valve connector, Female, 2P+T, Cable mount 10A, 24 VDC, PG9

Connector DIN 43650, 2P, 16A, 250 VAC, 300 VDC, series 121023, PG9, IP65, IP67

3-position fixed-fixed-fixed switch

Adhesive label 100x50 engraved 1 plastic line

engraved aluminum labels 1mm thick 70x20

24 with text PUSHER FINGER

24 with text PUSHER ARM

Black silicone HT cable or red copper core (100m coil)

Machine specific cable 11 with Harting connector for roughing block

NF Front Contact Block

LL-SAW-SGX-1,5-PUR-24 Light Emitting Connector

Compact pressure sensor 0 to 10 bar

mechanical connection M5 / Connector wiring

Button metal engraved double pole with green light diameter 22mm