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Box for Laser Centering Device Lg 10cm with 6 laser holders in 3/4; 7/8; 1'; 1'1/8; 1'1/4; 1'3/8

Bender for tube diameter 6mm 251106

Vertiflow foot adjustment key

Laser refurbishment centering scoop

Miscellaneous key 16161012 - Key 16231112 Key opening ring mold -BJ-

Pressure testing machine including :

- Frame for 2 test chambers with safety and retention trays

- Human Machine Interface with test control and recording

- Gradual pressure build-up with adjustable time or until destruction

- Maximum pressure of 64 bar with an air supply of 8 bar

- Cylinder holding and sealing system

Elite" 1 hand industrial grease gun

Box for Laser Centering Device Lg 150cm with 5 laser holders in 25mm ; 38mm ; 42mm ; 47mm et 60mm


Bender series 400 copper stainless steel model 412 M for 12mm tube

Vertiflow foot adjustment key

Octagonal bar 1500 mm x 25 mm

Miscellaneous Key 16161012 - Set of Adjustment Clamps Transfer Arm 16251112 -BK-