Our products

Specialised on the financial and technical optimisation of production means since 2009, BMR, based in Pelissanne, in the south of France, is now THE essential partner of Glass and PET factories seeking to reduce their ownership and manufacturing costs.

BMR offers a wide selection of spare parts for bottle manufacturing machines, both in glass and in PET : solenoid valves, flow limiters, SNABB valves, actuators, seals, hoses, sheaths...

BMR also offers machines and tools that are manufactured directly inside its workshops, and that are fully adapted to the needs of glass and bottling factories : sliding table, inductive sensor tester, detection counter, Hinge lifters...


Our services


BMR also proposes personalized services to support their client, thanks to a team experienced in the production of glass and PET bottles :

-Parts repairing : repairing a part is often less expensive than buying a new one. We offer a full part repair and replacement part that includes : disassembling, repairing, testing and reassembling the part.
- BMR is also specialized in repairing solenoid valves, actuators, shock absorbers and PCBs.
-Parts manufacturing : if a part is no longer available or manufactures, BMR will manufacture it.
- Parts adaptation : BMR can adapt their parts according to the original characteristics and to the requests of its customers.

Every parts, technical sheets and services are available on the website or on the BMR catalogue (260 pages).

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